Learning Quran Tajweed is the best way to excel in your recitation by perfecting every single letter. As the name suggests, the Advanced Tajweed course focuses on the complex rules that are mandatory to apply to read Quran precisely and accurately. 

Al-Huda Quran is offering a very professional program that will take you from the basic Tajweed to the pro level with a structured plan and the assistance of qualified Tajweed tutors who are Ijazah certified.

What Will You Learn In This Advance Tajweed Course?

We work hard on the enlisted topics to make your tajweed exceptional.

✅ Hidden Mistakes in Tajweed

There are 2 types of mistakes in pronouncing Arabic letters; clear and hidden mistakes. Avoiding hidden mistakes will make your Quran recitation sound like the Prophet Muhammad’s recitation. So, enroll with us to learn quran Tajweed without mistakes and recite Quran confidently.

✅ Complex Tajweed Rules for Recitation

The rules that need a lot of practice along with a clear understanding are taught. Some of the rules are:

  • (Part 1) The meeting of two letters (introduction) (الحرفان الملتقيان الجزء الاول (المقدمة
  • (Part 2) The meeting of two letters(alike-Similar-Approximates-Far)  (الحرفان الملتقيان الجزء الثانى  (المتماثلان – المتجانسان- المتقاربان-المتباعدان
  • (Part3) The meeting of two letters(Small-Big-absolute))              (الحرفان الملتقيان الجزء الثالث  (الصغير – الكبير- المطلق 
  • (Part 4) The meeting of two letters (Rules of Reading))                          (الحرفان الملتقيان الجزء الرابع  (قواعد القراءة 
  • Rules of Pausing & Stopping
  • Rules of Quran Recitation (The dos and don’ts) 

✅ Revision and practice of basic Rules

✅ Learning some of the Mattoon (texts)

✅ Qualifying for Ijazah to teach others

Our Qualified Tajweed Tutors

The tutors hired for this course are not ordinary ones. They are selected on the following qualifying factors and then interviewed for further scrutiny.

✅ They must be native Arabs as they have an exceptional accent to teach Tajweed to non-Arabs.

✅ They must be Ijazah qualified from a reputed highly-qualified Sheikh to pass on the teaching responsibility to their students too.

✅ They must have years of teaching experience and must be using the latest technology to make all the lessons easily understandable.

✅ They must have a clear accent in English to teach students in the commonly used language.

Who Can Enroll In This Pro-Level Program?

We don’t enroll everyone in this pro-level program because it needs a good knowledge of basic Tajweed beforehand and a lot of dedication to reach Ijazah in Recitation. The following people can take this course:

✅ The adults (male and female) with prior knowledge of Tajweed.

✅The students who already have memorized Quran and want to get Ijazah in Recitation.

✅Teachers who want to perfect their Tajweed.

✅Sisters who are keen to learn Advanced Tajweed.

Outcomes of Our Advanced Tajweed Program

The following outcomes are kept in mind before the classes begin.

✅ To make students able to master all advanced Tajweed rules with due revisions and practice.

✅ To apply all the rules consciously while reciting Quran.

✅ To adorn the recitation by beautifying voices.

✅ To be able to recite Quran exactly like the prophet Muhammad SAWW.

Our Best Structured Advance Plan

The adults can get a customized plan according to their daily availability and the duration of the class.

This program is going to be intense so we don’t skip any rule in the plan. A Customised plan will simply arrange the rules in a step-by-step manner to help the students learn by achieving small goals.

You can get a customized Tajweed plan according to your level. Let’s suppose you are already adept at some of the rules and want to learn the others, your tutor will do that for you by designing the plan according to your classes per week and the duration of your classes too. You can also get an extra revision class for any of the rules you want to work more on.


Why Choose Al-Huda Quran For Tajweed Classes?

The following features make us stand out from the other online Tajweed schools.

24/7 Service

Those who have other work and social commitments can attend this program at their available time. We are available round the clock. Our tutors teach at different time slots and can easily cater to your needs according to your feasibility.

Mind Mapping for Each lesson

It is an amazing way to teach with excellence. Mind mapping helps focus on all the major and minor details of the rules learned. You can easily remember all the rules with exact details and explanation

The instructor prepares a mind map of the rule that is to be introduced in the class with as many Quranic examples as possible. 

Progress Tracker Through Evaluation Report

Your bi-weekly report card will tell you everything in detail, such as:

✅The errors in any pronunciation.

✅Repeated mistakes in Recitation.

✅Tips to practice and overcome errors

✅Another 2-week plan for preparations.

Discount For Siblings or Family Members

If you and your parents, neighbors, and relatives are interested to learn Advanced Tajweed, then you will get a discount.

Furthermore, after 10 credit hours per week, you will get a discount.

Tajweed Certificate

After the classes, an E- Certificate will be presented to the participants that will be signed by the Supervisor.

Recitation Competitions

To make you a Tajweed Pro and a great reciter, we conduct competitions to boost your morale and keep you motivated, and to help you beautify your Quran recitation.

You are given time to rehearse for the competition other than your class time.

Other Tajweed Courses for Kids and Adults.

We have a variety of other courses that serve differently and facilitate all the users. These are:

Tajweed For Beginners

Tajweed for Kids

Tajweed Classes for sisters

Tajweed Course for adults

Advanced Tajweed classes are a must for the professional Quran reciter as they have to apply all the rules consciously. Become a Tajweed expert with us by registering for a Free Trial. We assure you that you will love to dig deep to learn with intensity.

Most Important FAQs 

Q: Can young kids learn Advanced Tajweed Rules?

Yes, if they have a good grip on recitation then they can enroll in an advanced tajweed course.

Q: How much time does this course require?

Normally it takes 5 to 6 months but it totally depends on how you have customised your course.

Q: Can everyone get enrolled in an Ijazah course after these advanced classes?

Not really, if you have successfully completed the advanced course then you can go for an Ijazah. 

Q: Do you include Quran Memorization in the Advanced tajweed course?

Yes, a little matan (portion) is included in this course to apply the rules correctly.

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