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Group learning is considered a good way to have more chances to grow critically and learn efficiently in a motivational and friend-zoned environment. A new language like Arabic has more benefits if learned in groups because teamwork lets you explore the language, culture, and its importance much more than in a single-person class.

Al-Huda Quran has brought you an exclusive and unique opportunity for online Arabic group classes at a very affordable fee that is offered nowhere. We aim at providing a space where you can learn Arabic with fun and enjoy speaking it efficiently by interacting with different people.

What You Will Learn

We focus on the following 4 skills while teaching the language.

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • reading

You are successful in learning a language when you are capable of speaking it, that is why we mainly focus on it to let our students enjoy the new words. The rest 3 skills are interlinked as you can only read or write when you understand something.

So, enroll with us to speak Arabic naturally like Arabs.


4 Types of Our  Arabic Group Classes.


Our groups are formed skillfully by considering many factors to make our sessions successful. The following 4 are the basic types of our groups.

Arabic Group Classes for Kids

Starting with our shining little stars, our kids’ group is formed in three 

different ways to let students have same-aged partners to talk to.

  • Kids 4-7 years old
  • Students 8-12 years old
  • Learners 13-16 years old

This classification is done to keep the syllabus age-appropriate and make Arabic classes for kids super engaging and fun.


Arabic Group Classes for Adults

This grouping is subdivided into 2 categories of males and females. Adults of the same ages are grouped together to learn Arabic in a healthy and positive environment where they can converse and motivate each other.


Arabic Group Classes for Beginners

Those who are new to the Arabic Language are grouped together to let them start from scratch and learn this beautiful language in a fun way. Beginners are also divided according to their age and gender.


Arabic Group Classes for Intermediates

If you have little knowledge of Arabic and want to learn more, this is a suitable course for you. The course designed for intermediates is based on the prior knowledge they already have. We will make you revise what you know and then buckle you up for the rest.


About Our Arabic Language Curriculum

We have not selected a single book for language learning, rather we have a collection of different series that is based on all four skills; speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Our main focus is to make you speak Arabic fluently and confidently. The best and the most practical activities are shortlisted to be done in the live sessions.

Some of the reliable books we use for guidance are

  • أحب اللغة العربية
  • العربیه بین یدیک 
  • سلامات


Our 4 online Arabic courses 

For detailed learning of the Arabic language, we have 4 main courses:

Quranic Arabic (The Ancient or the classic dialect)

Fus-ha (The Modern Standard Arabic)

Egyptian Dialect

Any other Arabic dialects


How Do We Arrange Our Group Classes?

To avoid complex and poor grouping, we have adopted the following points to scrutinize the enrolled students accordingly.


Based on Level.

Firstly, you will be assessed for Arabic knowledge and then the tutor will finalize what level are you on. If you are new to this language then you are a level 1 learner.


Based on Age.

No classification is formed without this factor as we believe in teaching same-aged students together. So, you will be grouped according to your age. This is especially for the kids because they need proper and formal grouping due to the syllabus being shortlisted for every age.


Availability of the Students.

Coming from different time zones, this is also important to group students according to their availability. Those who are available in the morning classes and have the same time are grouped together. Similarly, students available in the evening and mid-day are grouped together.


Do We Provide A Personalised Learning Plan?

Yes, we follow the below-mentioned points to provide you with a personalized plan that is going to work for a group of like-minded students.

  • Assessing the student’s current understanding of the language in a free trial class.
  • Suggesting a level according to their assessment.
  • Creating a plan that is of their choice.
  • Grouping the students with the same study plan.


Qualifications of Our Arabic Tutors

Our hired tutors are those professionals who possess the following qualities.

  • Being a native Arab.
  • Qualified from a leading Islamic university.
  • Experienced in teaching the Arabic language to kids and adults.
  • Speaking English clearly and fluently.
  • Flexible in using the latest techniques of language training.
  • Managing groups easily while teaching with fun

Those who have these traits are interviewed and selected to assist students from around the world.


Advantages of Learning Arabic in Groups with Al-Huda Quran

If you have found reasons to avail of our FREE TRIAL we have some advantages for you too.


Discounts for Siblings

We are the best for group classes because of our discounts for siblings or relatives. Avail of this offer and let the same-aged persons get enrolled.


Interactive and enjoyable sessions

We make our classes really interactive and enjoyable by persuading and training group members to speak up to each other confidently. This makes students from different countries know each other and become friends while learning a new language.


Activities with each lesson 

Our handpicked tutors will engage you in miscellaneous activities with each lesson. This is done to reinforce what you have learned. These activities are:

  • Educational games
  • Arabic Alphabet boards (for kids)
  • Worksheets and visuals
  • Language Puzzles and riddles
  • Speaking up for the picture shown
  • Writing about the picture shown
  • Arabic storytelling sessions and dialogues.
  • Videos and cartoons 


Report card of 2 Weeks

A bi-weekly report card is generated in which you will be informed about:

  • Errors in any of the 4 fields (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
  • Issues with regularity and punctuality (if any)
  • Behavior issues in the group (if any)
  • Tips to overcome the errors and issues.


Most Important FAQs


What books do we use?

We mainly use  Al-Arabiyyah bayna yadayk and Al-Arabiyyah bayna yaday Awlaady.

How many students in each group do you enroll?

We enroll three to four members in a group.

Do you have female tutors too?

Yes, we do have the option of female tutors.

How much does the program cost?

It is just $4 per hour and a further discount is given if you are taking more than 10 hours for the classes.

Do you offer one-on-one Arabic classes?

Yes, you can enroll in one-on-one classes with a personalized plan.

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