Our Hifz teachers are one in a kind and provide the best Quran Hifz classes for all Muslims all over the world. Let’s scroll down to find out what qualities and attributes make our online Hifz tutors the best option for you.

1- Qualified online male & female Quran hifz tutors

Online male and female Quran teachers with top qualifications and years of experience is what is most demanded by the clients:

• Our Quran memorization teachers are proficient and have completed their degrees from the top Islamic universities in Egypt.

 They are selected after detailed rounds of tests and interviews to make sure we hire the best teachers for you. 

 They have memorized the Quran at a very young age and have revised it throughout to be perfect in their hifz.

 They have vast and lengthy experience of delivering online Quran memorization classes to the Muslims (kids and adults) and making them eminent huffaz. 

2- Structured plan prepared by Our Quran memorization teachers:

Our Online hifz teachers have prepared structured and customized plans for the students so that they can choose the best plan according to their requirements. 

These structured plans are minutely formed by keeping the age, the available time, the speed, the interest, and the ability of the student into consideration.

For example, in our Online Quran Hifz classes, the Hifz teachers have customized the plan by dividing the portions into surahs. Students are free to select their plans and carry on with them. 

3- TWO Free trials with 2 different Quran hifz teachers:

Every teacher has a different way of teaching and managing the course outline. Our hifz tutors offer free trials for the students with two different teachers.

It gives an opportunity to the student to attend both the trial classes with different Hifz teachers and select on their own which one to opt for the course. Each student can make a decision after the class to find out which teacher best suits them.

4- Motivating learning environment for online hifz course:

Our online Quran hifz tutors create a motivating and encouraging learning environment for online hifz course. They are well aware of how to make this sacred book highly easy by motivating the students to give their best.

These hifz teachers support and guide students of hifz course for adults and kids how to manage time accurately to achieve their hifz goals. They lend helping hands to beginners or slow learners by constantly uplifting and motivating them.

5- Fluency of our online Quran hifz tutors in English language:

Our Quran hifz tutors are hired not only because they are proficient and native Arab but also because they are fluent in the English language and can easily teach students living in European countries.

They have worked really hard to achieve the status of a bi-lingual teacher and keep on giving their best to provide excellent service worldwide.

Not only the teachers will help you achieve your goals but also teach you the meaning and overall explanation of the Surahs in the English language.

6- Online Hifz teachers arrange competitions between their students:

Being a professional and experienced teacher is not enough to bring out amazing hifz results of students.

Our online hifz teachers arrange competitions between the hifz students to boost their morale and keep them motivated for giving their best.

These Quran males and female Hifz tutors have won many competitions when they were in the phase of learning. They are well aware of how to arrange and manage the competitions.

The students keep revising their lessons to win the competitions. Thus, this helps encourage all the participants. The teachers also guide and help prepare for competitions by conducting regular tests.

7- Visionary native-Arab Quran hifz teachers making hifz easy:

We have native Arab Quran hifz teachers who have a strong command over the Arabic accent used in the Quran. They are proficient in hifz as well as tajweed and makharij.

Hiring a native Arabic teacher makes learning easy and enjoyable. It also helps hifz students get perfection in tajweed and makharij.

These Quran hifz teachers are visionary and are determined to achieve the goals set for each student. They aim at helping Muslims, especially in the West, to connect to the book of Allah and memorize the whole; becoming Hafiz or some portion of the Quran to gain rewards.

8- Hifz teachers conduct interactive hifz classes with amazing techniques:

Our online hifz Quran program is a huge success because of the interactive Quran classes conducted by our hifz teachers with innovative techniques. 

They do not impose lessons on their students, rather, let them interact, discuss the ayahs, and understand the meaning and causes of revelation, and proper makharij.

The students are not taught the same old techniques of hifz. The hifz tutors devise new and unique methods for each student and implement the best ones. Just to mention some here for your ease:

• Audio-snippet method

• Read-out-loud method

• Recite to your buddy method

• Mirror- practice method etc

Our teachers are capable of building compatible relationships with their students because it makes the continuation of extensive hifz programs easy.

9- Memorize Quran with an online Quran tutor available 24/7:

Now you don’t need to worry about the time frame of your Quran hifz classes. Our online Quran tutors are available to teach you round the clock. You are in charge of selecting the time that best suits your work routine.

The teachers provide you with convenience by being reachable 24/7. The students can select the time in which they can focus and pay attention to their hifz lesson.

10- One-on-one personalized classes offered by our hifz tutors:

Hifz Quran programs are conducted everywhere in a classroom. Providing an online platform where you can approach a qualified hifz tutor is the main feature that makes us the best Quran hifz school.

These 1 to 1 online Quran hifz classes are so beneficial and help to focus on the lesson properly. The teachers who are selected by the students themselves, pay 100% attention and support the students to reach their desired target in less time.



Hifz teachers are dedicated to providing an easily reachable platform for Quran lovers who intend to hifz it. Now you don’t need to find a school or an institution that you are bound to reach in the given time. Our online Quran hifz tutors are here to make your dream come true.