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Is there any compelling academy for learning Islamic studies?

 Yes, Al-Huda Quran confidently presents Online Islamic classes to solve this problem for you and let you get to the deep roots of Islamic values. Since it covers a wide range of subjects that are essential for every Muslim.


1- Top-Rated Tutors for our Online Islamic School:


We provide you with the best teachers in our Online Islamic courses since we never compromise on the quality of teachers we provide:

• Tutors of our online Islamic school are selected on merit and the basis of their skills so that they pay attention to our potential students. Only experienced tutors are selected after the trial tests.

• Our teachers come from the most prestigious Islamic institutions of the world, Al Azhar, The renowned university, and many other top-rated Islamic universities.

• The Teachers keep the students enthusiastic and excited for the next classes by using the latest technology stuff and fun vibes. They try to keep the students more participating throughout the classes through their warm and welcoming tone.

• Students get high-quality interaction with their tutors. Students get such a sense of establishment when they know that they are being heard thus it helps to avoid any distraction or overstimulation.

• Our Islamic Experts continuously try to use new ways to keep the class lively, motivating, and engaging for kids as well as adults. This way experienced teachers will help you throughout the Online course on Islam and give you tips to get to the bottom of Islamic values and all other practical Islamic knowledge.

• Since we select Native Arabic teachers with top-tested English speaking skills, Teachers speak English fluently to help you pick accurately and easily. Since there are international students too who can’t understand Arabic easily, thus We have made English the basic point of course.

• For female students, we also have Female teachers for personalized Islamic classes for sisters online.


2- Best Islamic Curriculum for Our Islamic Studies Courses:

For exploring major themes, the Al-Huda Quran gives excellent planning charts for the Online Islamic Studies Courses sorted out by top-notch Experts. Al-Huda Quran provides 5 exceptional types of courses.

The experts make syllabus outlines for each subject by using all resources to help the potential students. The major online Islamic Courses we offer are:

1- Aqidah (Islamic creed)

It includes Faith and creed, such that;

• The Basic Articles of Faith ‘6 Pillars of Iman

• Tawheed and its kinds

• The Right of Allah Upon His Slaves

• Forms of Tawheed and its Benefits

• Conditions for Allaah’s Acceptance of Our Deeds

• Major Shirk (Polytheism)and Types of Major Shirk

• Minor Shirk

• Seeking Intercession

• Jihaad, Walaa` and Hukm

2- Learning Fiqh:

• To have a deep understanding of Islamic laws, It has further branches

A ) Fiqh Essentials which includes:

• As-Salaah (Prayer)

• Az-Zakat (Alms)

• Al-Hajj and Al-‘Umrah

• As-Siyaam (Fasting)

B ) Marriage and Divorce

C ) Raising Children

D ) Fiqh for New Muslims

E ) Other Advanced Fiqh topics

• Biography of the Prophet Muhammad

• History of Our Rightly guided Caliphs

• History of the Islamic state

4- Learning Hadith:

The course covers the following essential branches to Learn Hadith online:

• Principles of Hadith Terminologies

• Basic background in the science of hadith.

• Types of Hadith Books ( Sahih, Musnad, Jami’, Mu’jam, Sunan, Mustadrak, Mustakhraj Etc.)

• 40 Hadiths of Sharh Arbaeen an Nawawî 

• Sihah Sitta -The Six Authentic Books of Hadith

• Mustalah Al-Hadith

• Difference between Sunnah & Hadith

• Practice and Transmission

5- Learning Quran: 

The Basic Source of Law, its Revelation and reasons.

 In this aspect, we offer the following Online Islamic courses:

• Quran Recitation 

• Quran Memorization course

• Online Tafseer classes 

• Quran Tajweed

3- Learning Outcomes of our Online Islamic classes 

1- To enable the rising generation to confidently face the challenges of moderation and globalization.

2- Learning Fiqh to establish asolid Islamic foundation in their minds and hearts.

3- Practicing Fiqh to make them good citizens by learning the basic Islamic rules.

4- To develop a great love for Islam by learning the History of Islam. 

5- To learn and develop a love for Allah and His Prophets and put 100% trust in Allah.

6- With the Hadith course, learn to lead a simple life by following the path of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

7- To lead a harmonious life in society by learning seerah.

8- Adapt the Nature of Learning Aqeedah Moral for living the goal that in the end can practice and make Islam a way of life.

9- To understand the purpose of our existence.

10- To let them learn how to makeIslam coexist in non-Muslim communities

11- To know the basic pieces of information of Islam to live an honorable life.

12- With the Hadith course, develop a firm understanding of Hadith science and the legal status of the Sunnah in Islam

13- Students will comprehend the `Aqidah which Allah (Exalted be He) accepts from us and from the Mu’mins (believers).

4- Weekly Reports to Track Your Lessons Progress:

Your progress is monitored and thus weekly reports along with meaningful feedback are prepared by the headteachers and presented to the students and their parents. 

In this way, they can make up for any lacking side of them. Weekly reports keep records of your strengths and weaknesses and evaluate them to work on and bring desirable improvement inIslamic Lessons Online.

This way, Teachers work with parents to motivate students at home and let parents know exactly what work the students should do at home or if they need any assistance in a specific area.

5- One-to-One Classes to Get Undivided Attention:

The students get one-to-one E-learning Islamic classes with zoom screen sharing and whiteboards. 

Since one-to-one classes are personalized especially for introverted students, they can learn faster, master more material, remember their coursework, and truly love learning. It also gives the students the ability to step on and not just rely on others.

6- Gifts and Certificates to Encourage Hard-Working Students:

Students are rewarded with gifts to encourage them for better performance in ouronline Islamic classes and tests. 

Our Islamic studies teachers know the motivating power of positive and timely feedback thus they use the gold star system to reward them online. It also inspires the other peers to be praised and rewarded.

After passing the exams, Islamic course certificates are provided. These certificates let them put additional effort into the course and let them know that their teachers are wholly invested in them.

7- The Flexibility of the Schedule 24/7 lets You Rest Well:

The best feature of our Islamic studies courses is the flexibility of classes. At some times, If you are not comfortable, you can change your class time too.

If a student is busy, he can take classes on his time. We have hired dozens of teachers to provide the flexibility of scheduling anytime around the clock.

8- Review Back your Recorded Online Islamic Lessons:

Our Lecture recordings can help students who reviewing the material or going through it more slowly dramatically help increase their Islamic knowledge. 

Also, unlike the live classes in the madrasah, Our Islamic studies academy provides the opportunity to get recorded lectures in case you are busy or unable to attend online classes. There is no problem with that and students can go at the same pace as other students.

9- Increase your focus with top Visual Online learning tools:

Al-Huda Quran uses a list of visually engaging apps, platforms, and other digital tools that you might find useful. 

Graphic professionals of our Islamic e-learning courses also prepare Custom designs for slides from scratch to make learning resources more visually engaging and to keep the students focused without getting bored.

Al-Huda Quran also offers the Best Online Arabic Classes For kids.

10-Regular Quizzes to Tests for our Islamic Online School students:

Since Quizzes and tests are some of the best ways to repeat the material, It plays an important role in eLearning. Our Islamic school lets them review what they learned. 

Students are tested and quizzes are also taken so that students don’t just lag. Teachers keep all the students on pace with scheduled tests. In this way, students can evaluate where they stand and improve for better results.

11- 2 Free Trial Classes in Islamic Studies for Beginners:

If a beginner wants to check the course quality and method of the course he wishes to enroll in, he can get 2 free trial classes for that specified course. 

The 2 trial classes are with 2 different teachers and that’s the opportunity to choose the best teaching style that suits his taste.

→ That is absolutely something that none of the other institutions offer.

We let you freely criticize or appreciate our Islamic studies for beginners’ courses. But we are confident that you will enroll for learning Islam in quality and motivating environment.

12- Economic Fee-structure for Your Online Islamic Education:

If you survey other course markets, you will be amazed to know that our course rates are minimal despite the high quality of our Online Islamic Education. Some other websites cost so much unreasonable charges. But we offer the best suitable package for students.

We also offer discounts. If one family member is enrolled in our course, we provide a special discount to the 2nd member of his family. In short, 3 members of a family get this jumbo offer. Al-Huda Quran doesn’t compromise on the quality of content, thus it has a very reasonable budget.

On top of that, Our group classes are considered the best since they are much more affordable and the hourly rate is as low as 3 dollars per hour.

13- Audio-video Tracks to Support Learning Islamic Courses:

Our Online Islamic school designs the audio-video tracks to transform the lecture information into accessible and visually engaging core concepts for students. 

Audio-video tracks are central to teaching and learning to let them get a better grip on learning Islam courses.

14- Preplanned Study Notes by Course Professionals:

Once the student enrolls in the course, We provide them with PDFs and notes to learn easily. The preplanned study notes contain authentic material which helps them get a better understanding of Islamic lessons online.

15- Duration of Online Islamic Studies by Al-Huda Quran:

Although the duration of different Islamic studies online courses is different since it mainly depends on the course syllabus, we make a personalized well-structured plan for each student according to his/her learning level and main interests.

Since we don’t want to run at high speed while our students are unable to retain the lessons. Our courses are customized according to the student’s demands. Students would be able to track their progress and know the exact duration of the course. 

We do it accordingly if students want to compress the course time due to their high picking power and mental stability.

16- Highly Organized Technical Setup For Virtual Islamic Learning:

Since Online classes of this digital era demand extra attention for students, We have a highly organized system along with a unique technological system of so-called Virtual Islamic learning for students which includes many more setups

17- We Update You with the Best Revisions Schemes:

Since revision is an important ongoing aspect of our Online course on Islam students get guided for practice along with feedback. 

We gradually work toward independent mastery of students by keeping them in touch with their latest and previous lessons through continuous revisions. In this way, they don’t just forget the lessons.

18- Highly Encouraged Environment to Learn Islam:

In the current era, where there are so many distractions, being focused takes a lot of effort and this effort is the motivation itself. Our school has a sense of community built into it and it won’t let students feel isolated. 

Thus connecting with their peers and teachers lets them communicate maturely and respectfully in online classes for an extended period. This way the liveliness of the regular classes is brought back.

Al-Huda Quran keeps the students motivated through a suitable digital environment of the latest digital tricks and especially welcoming messages by tutors. We offer Islamic classes for adults as well as kids. Especially for kids, we have all kinds of visually engaging tricks.

19- Group Classes to learn Effectively:

Since teamwork and group study is the most effective step to learning Islam Online, Students engage in live interactive conversations with learners of either the same age or interest from around the world. 

Our instructors facilitate the students to collaborate on assignments or in the comment section. 

This way a friendly atmosphere develops which brings more liveliness in the class and students learn from each other’s queries and confusion. We confidently claim to have lower rates for group classes than other platforms.

20- Excellent Islamic Classes for Reverts:

Especially for the new Muslims, who want to have a proper channel to learn in a genuine and positive environment for their new faith established. Al-Huda Quran potentially gives Customized classes for them.

New Muslims are welcomed to the core and are given special offers to learn the basics of every aspect of Islam in a highly inspiring and harmonious environment.

21- Any Requirements to Enroll in Our Islamic E-learning Courses?

Not specifically, generally speaking, there is no strict rule for eligibility criteria for general Islamic studies courses. What matters is the dedication, passion, and mental presence of students.

Since the students, especially kids of this modern era, are not as patient( as supposed to be), their mental presence and passion can’t be forced.

22- 24/7 Helping desk by WhatsApp and Email:

Al-Huda Quran provides the best user services to its students. We have the optimized WhatsApp and email apps to reply to you on point. 

Along with the best Islamic studies curriculum and other technical features Al-Huda Quran also cares about students’ queries.

23- No Hidden Charges:

Al-Huda Quran don’t charge unreasonably. Except for the course’s fixed economic fee structure, we don’t charge excessive fees. 

We pay the transaction charges no matter how much it is since we don’t burden our students.


Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah, will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets a ten-fold reward. I do not say that Alif-Lam-Mim is one letter, but Alif is a letter, Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter. [Hadith | At- Tirmidhi]

As described above, the Al-Huda Quran has laid the basic platform for you. All you need to do is to enroll and start asap so that you can lead your life according to the rules of Islam. 

So revert towards the Quran since it’s the only path towards paradise and salvation. We Muslims need to apply its teachings to every single part of our life to get the Noor of our life back since we have almost lost it in this modern era.

Frequently asked questions About Online Islamic courses:

1- What is your Payment Method for Fees?

We have many options available for you:

  • Paypal
  • Moneygram
  • Western Union
  • Bank transfer
2- Are Online Islamic Classes by the Al-Huda Quran Effective?

Yes, there is no difference between real sessions and digital ones, except that you get flexible timing with your desired tutor. It is worth it as you see the old student’s reviews. Check it out yourself

3- Where do I need to start? 
  • Take admission to our course
  • Take your laptop, Mobile
  • Internet connection
  • Skype, zoom for lectures
  • Enroll in our course
4- Can I change the teacher? Or can I rate his method?

Yes, Although we have high-end Teachers, still you will be provided the chance to rate the teacher’s method through google forms to enhance overall performance.

5- Is there any age limit for Enrolling in your short Islamic courses?

No, people of all age groups can join our short Islamic courses without any worry.

6- Do you provide any free trial for your Online Islamic Course?

Yes, Visit our Al-Huda Quran Website for details.

7- What is the language of the courses?

English is used since it’s a barrier-free way and nonnatives can also understand the Lessons this way.

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