Learning Quran for Beginners is a unique course that aims at every Muslim present around the globe to learn to read Quran online with our expert Quran teachers, with uncountable features that you need to explore through the text below.


1- Our Proficient Native Arabic Online Quran Tutors:

• Our experienced online Quran tutors are highly devoted and dedicated to helping beginners around the globe from all zones.

What Makes Them Exceptional in Teaching?

• They use the most advanced technology tools like 3D versions, visual PowerPoint slides, and educational games to help students grasp the rule easily.

• Our native Arab tutors are fluent in English and are capable of teaching Online Quran classes to beginners around the world professionally by engaging them.

• The Quranic Arabic teachers are highly qualified to apply practical techniques of How to recite the Quran for beginners. All the techniques and strategies applied are practiced and 100% optimal.

• They have studied and are certified with an ijazah of teaching Noor Al Bayan and Qaida Noorania, from the best Islamic institute in the world Al Azhar University. 


What Is the Hiring Process We Adopt for Our Quran Teachers?

• They have been through different rigorous stages of interviews and selection before being hired as teachers to make students learn Arabic to read Quran proficiently.

• Our skilled teachers are experts in tajweed, makharij, Arabic, and Quranic translation. They qualify to be at the position of Al-Quran tutor.

 They have mastered the skill of devising and applying innovative methodologies for beginners to keep them motivated and intact their interests.

Check this out: An ultimate guide on how to learn to read Quran for beginners

2- Customized Plan to Learn Quran Online for Beginners:

a) We evaluate the current level of the student enrolled in this course. Then, a customized plan is set for the student to carry on with.

For instance, if a student is well aware of the Arabic alphabet, his Tajweed and makharij are accurate.

b) Then the teacher will make a personalized plan for him to help him achieve his goals and finish the rest of the Quranic Arabic lessons. 

A personalized study plan to learn Quran online for beginners is vital because it lets you manage your tasks like extracurricular activities, work, and social commitments, accordingly by setting your available focused time for the class.

We focus on teaching step by step so that beginners can learn gradually and keep it retained for the long term with the help of constant revision. These steps are:

STEP 1: Reading the Arabic Alphabet from Scratch:

 Reading Quran Basics Course at Al-Huda Quran. This is mainly for beginners who know nothing about the Arabic language. The objective of this step is to introduce them to the letters of the Arabic language with proper pronunciation,

STEP 2: Reading Single Words:

This step focuses on reading just a single word by joining letters. For instance:

مسجد  ،  ﻭَﺣِﻴﺪَﺓ

If you need individually focused attention then enroll in our online recitation course. 

STEP 3: Reading 3 to 5 Arabic Words:

This step is meant to help beginners read a few words together like:

كم أجرة الباص؟

It is to prepare beginners to read on their own by continuously joining letters and then words.

STEP 4: Reciting Short Verses from Quran:

This is where the beginners will start reciting short verses by looking at Quran and applying all the tajweed rules. These verses could be too short to make it easy for the starters to recite on their own.

STEP 5: Reciting Quran Fluently:

When the student has reached this expert stage successfully, they could be reciting Quran fluently on their own by looking at the Mushaf.

Step-by-step learning is mainly devised to keep Quran learning age-appropriate and super engaging for beginners to keep on learning.

→ We also offer online Tajweed course for beginners to join after finishing this basic Quran reading course.

3- Our Report After Every 4 Hours of Learning the Basics of the Quran:

This is our very unique feature to keep track and provide a thorough report to the parents (in the case of the kids).

Our report card is generated after every 4 hours of class attendance. For instance, if you have completed the Quran basics in 24 hours of class time, then you will get 6 reports that will show the statistics of your learning.

This report card comprises 5 main categories which are:

  • Testing and reflection on the lesson
  • Common errors to work on
  • Evaluation of the lesson
  • The behavior of the student
  • Plan for the next 4 hours

How Does it Work?

• Testing and Reflection on the Lesson:

After the completion of 4 hours of class time, the student is tested to see where he/she stands in their understanding and a critical reflection is shed on the test to check the aggregate.

• Common Errors to Work on:

If the student is repeating the same mistakes in the lesson then a plan is created to work on the common problem areas to help the student get over it.

Errors in Quran learning can not be left unattended. Our teachers pay extra attention to the errors to make them perfectly washed away.

• Evaluation of the Lesson:

The test and the student’s understanding are evaluated through numbers obtained out of the total marks in learning to read the Quran. These marks play a crucial role in the success of the course and the final result.

• The Behavior of the Student:

We also add this point in our report card to let the student and the parents know how well they behave in the online Quran classes. It sheds light on whether or not the student was regular, punctual, serious about the lesson, committed, engaged, shows interest, etc.

All these attributes contribute to the report card’s points because it lets the student self-evaluate his/her result and see if he/she could bring a change till the next report card generation.

• Plan for the Next 4 Hours:

After the test, evaluation, and completion of the 1st four hours span, a new plan is devised for the next session. All the points of the report card are kept in consideration while making a plan.

If the student was exceptional in every category, the plan is made a little hard. If the student has obtained fewer numbers overall, then the plan is made a little flexible to help the student cope with it.

4- Learn to Read Quran for Beginners in a Motivational Environment:

We are determined to provide a motivational learning environment for the people enrolled in our Quran for beginners course.

Everyone is encouraged to give the best they can and is never underestimated for lack of knowledge or practice. So, come join us to learn to read Quran efficiently.

These types of classes help students be creative and confident about whatever they are learning. They feel connected and involved throughout the lesson.

This positive environment brings amazing results as compared to the authoritative classes where students do not feel confident enough to speak up.

Note: We also offer amazing online arabic classes for kids.

5- 24/7 Availability

Time is not a constraint when you start learning Quran at home with us. We are reachable round-the-clock to let you learn to recite Quran at the time of your choice.

Our teachers are available all the time according to your time zone. Select the time that is convenient for you to focus easily.

We have hired dozens of teachers that are available at different times in 24 hours. We provide you with a teacher that is easily available at your flexible time.

This helps students study comfortably and stay consistent with their Quranic Arabic classes.

6- Affordable Fee Structure


Our fee structure for Quran classes for beginners is highly economical and pocket-friendly.

You can cross-check our highly affordable packages with other leading platforms to see the difference.

We also offer a discount for the second and third siblings enrolled with us in the same course to learn Quran online for beginners easily. Our discount policy is very flexible for families.

Our group classes rates are as low as $4 per hour, which is comparatively lesser than the other online platforms.

7- 2 FREE trials to Learn Arabic to Read Quran:


We provide you an opportunity to avail yourself of our 2 FREE trials by 2 different teachers to select the best that suits you.

Both qualified tutors will assist you in learning Quran reading with their unique teaching styles.

After the trials, you can decide to opt for any one of the teachers to carry on with this course to learn Arabic to read Quran.

Our Online female Quran tutors for beginners are highly professional and you can hire them for this course if you are looking for a gender-specific teacher.

Since we know ladies out there are looking for female teachers to teach them the Quran, we are here to render services by offering online Quran classes for ladies.

8- How do we Help Beginners Read Quran Naturally like Arabs?

Millions of Muslims envision learning to recite Quran like native Arabs. It is no more a dream for non-Arabs now! As we are here to make your dream come true.

Following are the key points we consider to make learning Quran online easy for all.

How does it work?

• Start with the basic pronunciation of Arabic letters so that you can learn the core of the language. We intend to work hard to form a strong foundation of pronunciation.

• “Practise like never before”. This is our success slogan for beginners so that they can achieve the targets easily. They are motivated to work hard on the articulation points of each letter to make it perfectly natural.

We believe that the more our students will practice, the more smooth and natural Arabic accent they will have.

• Our teachers stress a lot on revision because we know the more you revise the lesson, the longest term it stays with you.

• We focus on Repeating each lesson multiple times to gain perfection in our basic Quran course for beginners.

• We introduce only one rule at a time to help beginners grasp it perfectly before moving on to the next.

• We boost our students’ morale by motivating them not to give up and keep striving. We understand that it is a bit difficult yet achievable for the non-Arabs to adopt the correct accent like natives.

• We advise our students to try to Imitate their favorite qari so that gradually they too can have the same tone of recitation. In sha Allah.

• The beginners are asked to Listen to the recitation every now and then and mark their errors every day, work on the errors and make their recitation appear naturally Arabic.

• Remember, you are the chosen person who got this opportunity to learn to read Quran as Arabs do. So, work really hard to achieve the natural accent of the recitation as we are always there to help you.

9- Certifications of Quran Learning for Beginners:

The students enrolled in our online Quran for beginners course are assessed weekly and then the grand tests are held monthly.

To keep our students motivated and determined, we arrange competitions among the students where they are guided and encouraged to practice more than usual for better results.

The toppers are rewarded for their hard work with certificates and cash prizes. All the students enrolled in this course are awarded a certificate. Signed by the administrator of this platform.

10- Engaging in One-on-one Online Quran Classes for Beginners:

We offer direct classes with the teacher for more focused and customized Quran classes for beginners. 

It lets the students interact with the tutor in a low-stress environment and give them time to be directly supervised.

One-on-one classes let students step up and answer efficiently, they do not rely on others to answer in their place.

Unlike other classes, you won’t miss your lesson if you miss your 1-on-1 class, as it is only meant for the individual enrolled for it.

We also offer group classes for the same family members so that they can join together, learn together, practice, and reply together.

11- Enjoy Learning Quran for Beginners with our Teaching Style:

To make this course the best Quran course online, we have devised unique strategies to conduct this course and make it result-driven and 100%  successful. Following are the unique techniques to learn the Quran basics for beginners.

• Interactive Quran Classes:

Our classes are unlike authoritative and more inclined toward interactive sessions. It lets students discuss things freely and come up with creative ideas.

• Step-by-step Online Quran learning:

We make sure that Online Quran reading for beginners is taught step by step, by keeping the level of the student in mind. Starting from the basic huroof (letters) pronunciation and reaching the level of reading the Holy Quran easily.

• Smooth Transition Between lessons to Learn Arabic:

The new and the previous lessons are interlinked and the students are smoothly moved toward the new lesson concerning the previous one.

• Fun-oriented Classes to Learn to Read Arabic Quran:

As we know the course is conducted online, so we strive to make it fun-oriented and enjoyable to let the love and devotion for the Holy book develop in the hearts.

• Mirror Practice to Read Quran Fluently:

The letters learned, in the beginning, are practiced with the mirror in hand to let students see how to pronounce the letter, what should be the shape of the lips, and how to articulate it.

It helps in learning how to read Quran fluently.

• Learn Arabic to Read Quran With read out Loud Technique:

This is an amazing technique practiced and suggested by our qualified teachers while teaching Quran for beginners. Reading out the lesson loudly gives you a chance to check whether you are pronouncing it correctly from the articulation point or not.

It helps you evaluate your mistakes when you learn Arabic to read Quran and work hard to improve it.

• Learning Quran Basics with Audio and Videos:

Learning Quran basics is supported by audio or video snippets to let students hear and see how the letters are pronounced and the words are recited.

• Repetition of Online Quran Learning for Beginners:

Repetition is considered one of the best teaching techniques in online Quran learning for beginners. It lets the student perfect their errors and strive for an excellent result.

• Listening to the Favorite Qari:

Our teachers motivate students to listen to their favorite qari in their free time and try to imitate them. That would help you learn how to recite Quran beautifully.

This will develop a love for Quran and listening to the heart-warming recitation will let them endeavor to be like their favorite Qari.

• Previous Quran Lessons Repeated Every day:

Each lesson is repeated every day before the new lesson to check whether the retention is intact or not.

Keeping the technology advancement in consideration, we keep on modifying our teaching styles to keep the bars high and endeavor to provide high-quality service.

12- What Will you Learn In these Quran Classes for Beginners?

We have opted for two of the best available books for this course.

Noor Al Bayan                             نور البيان
Al Qaida Al-Noorania      القاعدة النورانية

These books include multiple topics to guide how to read Quran for beginners.

  • Lesson 1 (The alphabets)
  • Lesson 2 (Joining letters)
  • Lesson 3 (The movements Fatha, Dammah, and Qasrah)
  • Lesson 4 (The Tanween- double Fatha, Dammah, and Qasrah)
  • Lesson 5 (The movements and tanween together)
  • Lesson 6 (The standing movements)
  • Lesson 7 (The prolonged words)
  • Lesson 8 (The sakoon and Jazm)
  • Lesson 9 (The Tashdeed)
  • Lesson 10 (The merging sounds)
  • Lesson 11 (Practicing the exercises)

13-Educational Games for Online Quran Learning for Beginners:

We make learning Quran for beginners online very enjoyable and interesting for the students by letting them play educational games that enhance their Quranic knowledge of beginners. 

These games and puzzles help reinforce the lesson and make students practice the letters while playing.

Our teachers use different sites to make students play educational games in online Quran learning for beginners.

14- Professional lesson Planning for Basic Quran learning:

All the classes are conducted after proper and detailed lesson planning by keeping the level of the student in mind.

We avoid the common error of teaching by keeping the syllabus content age-appropriate for the students of basic Quran learning online.

Our supervisors discuss the progress of every student with the relevant teachers and then check the lesson planner.

15- Our Feedback Policy

• The progress is kept as a record to keep a track of the improvement in Quran learning for beginners. 

• The parents (if the student is a child) and the participants are updated throughout the course.

• The meetings are held to discuss the problem areas and solutions are mutually agreed upon.

• The students are given feedback on their learning after every lesson.

16- The Outcomes of our Quran Classes for Beginners:

With sincere intentions, hard work, and continuous dedication we look forward to achieving the following outcomes by learning Quran for beginners with us.

1- To identify the name and the shape of the huroof (letters) learned.

2- To learn the mechanism of articulating the unique Arabic letters and being able to understand how Arabs pronounce them naturally.

3- To learn the sounds of the letters with the rules of ( fatha, dammah, qasrah and sukoon).

4- To learn the sounds of the letters joined with ( Alif, Wao, and Yaa).

5- To merge the sounds of the letters by following the rules.

6- To successfully join letters with the rules learned and pronounce the whole word.

7- To accurately recite the short sentences with the Tajweed rules in mind.

8- To be able to learn to recite Quran with Tajweed confidently.

9- Inculcating the habit of practicing and giving due time to the recitation of the Holy Quran.

10- To be proficient in reading Quran fluently, smoothly, and naturally.

Al-Huda Quran aims to provide the best online Quran classes for beginners through the Zoom App, with professional tutors, structured study plans at affordable rates, and all-time reachability. Let’s connect and make a difference by learning Quran for beginners and refreshing our Emaan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ladies Attend the Quran Course?

Yes, Quran for beginners course is for everyone. The kids, adults (males and females)

Do You Offer a Separate Female Teacher for Sisters?

Yes, why not. Ladies out there can hire a female Quran tutor for their classes and learn Quran with ease.

Do You Provide Recorded Lessons Afterward?

Our classes are not time-bound. You can schedule them anytime. That is why we don’t record lessons. Although, the audio and video resources are shared for practice at home.

What Is the Cost of Your Trial Quran Class?

Our trial class is free of cost and you can avail of 2 free trials with 2 different teachers.

Is There an Age Limit to Enroll in an Online Quran Learning Course??

No, there is no age limit for learning Quran. We believe in helping all strivers regardless of their age.

Do You Only Offer Basic Quran Courses or Advanced Courses as Well?

No, we offer a variety of Quran courses. This course is like a key to unlocking knowledge hidden. in other Quran courses.

Are the Classes Conducted Regularly at the Same Time?

No, we offer a flexible schedule where you are in authority to decide and fix your class timing. This mode of learning is unlike physical school where you have to be present on time.

Do You Have Levels of Teaching in the Quran Classes?

Yes, we have devised 3 major levels for Online Quran Classes for Beginners. 

1. Primary Level: 

This is the initial step for kids, adults, and sisters to understand the alphabet of the Arabic language.

2. Secondary Level:

At this level, we focus on line-by-line recitation with full concentration on tajweed rules.

3. Advanced level: 

If the student is performing well and has cleared the 1st two levels, then he/she can continue with the 3rd level. At this level, you can opt for the Quran memorization course and get ijazah.A

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