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Let Your Kids Enjoy Learning Quran Online with Us

The difficulty parents face is finding engaging and fun-filled online Quran classes for kids who can enjoy Quran along with their contemporary studies.

Al-Huda Quran is the only place where your children can learn the Quran under the guidance of professional Quran tutors who are trained to teach toddlers in a very unique and engaging way. We focus on teaching them in such a  fun-filled and joyful way that no one will find the classes tough or boring. Our online Quran courses are for different ages, starting from 3 to 15.

All Muslim parents want their kids to read and learn Quran to understand the purpose of this worldly life and the difference in the lifestyle of a Muslim and a non-muslim.

Professional Hifz and Tajweed Tutors for Kids

1- Our teachers go through several tests and rounds of interviews to get selected for teaching.

2- We have a team of highly qualified and certified Quran tutors from Al-Azhar University.

3- These expert Native Arabs are fluent in English and immensely knowledgeable.

4- Trainers with positive feedback records, 5-star ratings, and appreciation from young students are hired to teach toddlers.

5- They use the most modern technology tools like 3D versions, visual PowerPoint slides, and educational games to provide the most engaging lessons ever.

6- Our Quran tutors are well-prepared to teach preschoolers through activities and interactive sessions.

7- They are well aware of how to make things age-appropriate and full of fun.

Outcomes of Our Online Quran Classes for Kids:

Al-Huda Quran has very clear outcomes for young students enrolled in E- classes. These are:

1- To make lessons interesting for children.

2– Make the learners capable of reciting with Tajweed by implementing all the rules and avoiding hidden mistakes.

3– Memorized all 30 Juz or a larger part of them perfectly through different techniques.

4– Beautified voices by imitating their favorite Qaris.

5– Understood the overall meaning of Surahs memorized.

6– Developed love and respect for the Book of Allah.

7– To be able to recite like our Prophet S.A.W.W. did.

Our 3 Quran Courses for Children:

We provide deeply-structured courses in Al-Quran for toddlers.

1- Quran for Beginners Course:

This introductory Quran for Beginners course is designed for toddlers who are just going to begin learning Quran.

The following points are the key factors for the syllabus.


    • Reading Arabic fluently and confidently.

    • Knowing the articulation points of the letters through activities.

    • Learning the methodology of Qaida An-Nooraniyah or Noor Al-Bayan and developing a strong base.

    • Connecting the letters to form long sentences and eventually read and speak with ease like natives.

    • Reading short Surahs and ending up memorizing them.

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2- Tajweed for Kids Course:

In this Tajweed for kids course, Students will effortlessly learn tajweed so that they can implement the rules in the recitation to gain perfection like Native Arabs.

They will learn the following things;


    • How to read any Surah with Tajweed properly.

    • How to practice and implement rules correctly to avoid common errors made by non-Arabs.

    • How to recite the same way our Prophet SAWW used to do by learning from qualified and Ijazah-certified teachers.

3- Hifz Classes for Kids:

Our Hifz course for kids is designed for little stars who are willing to hifz the Holy Book of Allah.


    • Applying different techniques to reach their goals.

    • Learning Quran with the meaning of the Surahs ensures better, easier, and faster memorization.

    • Learning to strike a balance between memorization and revision in order not to forget the portion already memorized.

    • Learning the cause of the revelation of the Surahs to enhance better understanding.

    • Committing to this great job that needs revision and daily follow-up.

Note: We also offer Islamic classes for kids.

Why Choose Us For Learning Quran for Toddlers

Our Bi-weekly Report and Plan for students

We generate a bi-weekly report card for young learners in which parents are updated about the following points.


    • The mistakes in the lessons.

    • The repeated errors and tips for working on them.

    • Overall behavior and participation.

    • A plan for the next 2 weeks.

Parents’ Account To Track The Progress:

Parents can track the progress of their child through the digital portal where they have an account. This tracking lets them stay updated

Activity-Based Learning: 

To break the monotony, our teachers prefer doing activities for Arabic learning for kids and Online Quran classes. These activities include:


    • Coloring

    • Tracing

    • Imitating

    • Games etc

Free Fun-Filled Printable Worksheets:

Not only that we let students play E-games, but also provide them with free printable worksheets from reliable sites to practice the rules through activities.

Monthly Certificates for Our Top Students:

At the end of our Quran courses, the grand test will be held to check the fluency of the learners. All the participants will be given an E- certificate signed by the teacher and the supervisor.

Our Interactive Quran Classes: 

Our teachers skillfully use different tools and techniques to make the lessons interactive and enjoyable.

Use of Audio/Visual Educational Resources:

Infants are made to listen to the audio to imitate the tone used in it. They also share video snippets to help understand the concepts clearly.

Other Features of Our Quran Classes 

Flexible Timings to Read Quran:

The time difference is not an issue with Al-Huda Quran. We have plenty of teaching staff that is available 24/7 to teach your offspring.

Our Feedback System:

We take parents’ feedback every week so that we can take immediate steps to resolve what bothers them.

Budget-Friendly Fee Plan:

Our lessons have an affordable fee structure for single and multiple learners if compared to the surrounding competitors. The discounts are applicable for group classes and the second and third children from the same family.

Quran Tests and Competitions:

We conduct competitions to check and reward the abilities of our little stars. This helps them stay determined and on track to achieve their desired goals.

Our One-on-One Quran Classes:

We offer one-on-one classes where Quran teachers pay full attention to one student.

Learn to Read Allah’s words in Group Classes:

You can enroll in our group classes where students from the same families or same age groups are grouped to have an excellent experience of learning together.

Note: Our group comprises only 3 to 4 students.

Our Structured Plan For 3 Quran Courses.

You can get a structured plan for all three courses, where you can choose from the syllabus that you want your toddlers to learn.

For example, you can choose the rules of Tajweed that you want your tiny ones to learn, or the Surahs that they should memorize, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


    • Are The Teachers Certified with an Ijazah?

Yes, our handpicked teachers for Quran teaching for children are Ijazah Certified from the best Islamic Institute Al Azhar.


    • Do you Offer Discounts for Families?

Yes, we give discounts if more than one student is joining from the same family.


    • Can Parents Schedule Online Quran Classes Anytime?

Yes! That is our main feature to provide service 24/7. You just need to select your convenient time.


    • I Want My Kid to Recite Beautifully. Is this the Right Course for Him?

Of course, we cover all the aspects you are looking for.


    • How to Pay the Fee?

We have many options available like

Bank transfer


Western Union



    • How Can Parents Stay Updated on the Progress? 

We share the progress report via email every week. Parents can roam around during the Online Quran Learning for kids sessions to have the know-how.


    • What is the Duration of Each Quran Class?

We have three different time slots for the classes. 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. You can enroll your kid in any of them.

Quran classes are a must-have for the young generation in this crucial time when parents strive for their Islamic identity in the West. So, what are you thinking about? Get in touch today to register for a free trial and let your.

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