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We Make Learning Quran Online easy through our multi-featured courses that facilitate recitation, Tajweed,
and Hifz conveniently at home. You can access it anytime to get a personalized plan with a structured curriculum and track Your progress effortlessly through our reporting system.
Our team of certified Native Arab tutors is experienced to teach fluently with phenomenal strategies.


Interactive Online Quran Learning for All Ages and Levels

Our engaging, interactive, and result-driven online Quran classes for kids and adults are conducted by keeping the element of fun alive through outstanding audio/visual aids that are presented both in one-on-one and group classes.
Our Mind Mapping And Quiz Account Features Will Let You Retain Your Lessons Forever through constant practice.

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Variety of one on one Online Quran Classes


Quran Classes for Beginners

Quran for Beginners course is exclusively crafted with multiple catchy features to help beginners get on track to learn to read Quran online easily. You will learn the basics with a special focus on training your vocals to read Quranic Arabic efficiently like natives. At the end of this course, you will be able to recite Quran confidently, and fluently like native Arabs


Quran Memorization Course

Memorize Quran with exceptional revision methods to maintain it. This course will exclusively help you begin your hifz journey from very short and easy Surahs to gradually move on to the rest of the Quran with very innovative and creative techniques. This course is organized and structured to easily track your progress, regardless of age and gender.


Online Tajweed Course

This course targets all Muslim learners to improve their recitation through Tajweed rules. These rules are split up into levels that make the learners understand with realistic and practical examples. You will learn to recite Quran like natives under the guidance of our experienced tutors. Our Ijazah-certified Tutors can teach all Tajweed levels perfectly.


Quran Classes for kids

Let kids enjoy learning Quran by enrolling in this uniquely formulated course that is endorsed by fun-filled activities to make each class admirably interactive and delightful. Kids will get a syllabus based on their age bracket. We will help them learn Quran reading, Tajweed, recitation, and memorization distinctly and effectively.


Quran Classes for Adults

We provide a professionally organized curriculum for Tajweed, recitation, and memorization that directs toward Ijazah certification. These classes are managed through easy and comprehensive levels to gradually progress to the higher ones. You can personalize your classes in a flexible schedule that suits you.

Online Tajweed Course

Sisters can benefit from this amazing opportunity which covers all the fields of Quranic studies. We have a variety of programs that cover Basic Quran reading, recitation, Tajweed, memorization and much more. All the courses have a well-crafted syllabus that is prepared and taught by professional and certified female tutors.

Why Al-Huda Quran?

Our bunch of 100+ tutors is available round the clock to conduct these phenomenal classes at your suitable time. All the lessons are held at the selected time with the option of rescheduling due to any reason.

Get a detailed overview of your progress every week. We make it systematic to track each step towards the headway of lessons. Our reports talk about all the aspects like mistakes, tips to improve, planning for the next week, etc

Our teachers are the backbone of the success and fame of this platform. They are qualified and certified with Ijazahs from learned Sheikhs and Qaris in Egypt. They are all Egyptians and possess an astounding grip on teaching all advanced rules too.

We initiate every single lesson with a proper mind map where the topic is visually presented in a cloud surrounded by as many ideas, examples, and descriptions as possible. All of our Tajweed, memorization, and recitation classes have mind maps to help students never forget their lessons.
Students are given an online quiz account to solve the quizzes and riddles based on Tajweed rules, names of Surahs, hifz revisions, etc. It helps practice more with fun and retain all the lessons for the long term.

Each of our courses is uplifted by arranging competitions between students to boost their energies and channelize their enthusiasm. Every course, level, chapter, and even a single juz is backed up with a proper certification system to motivate students.

How to Enroll?

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Structured Plans For All The Courses

All of our courses come with structured plans in a way that suits learners of any level. These plans not only cover the curriculum in the set time duration but also manage to accomplish the learning goals that are chalked out before the course. 

The books and supporting materials we have shortlisted for each course are well-known for their skillfully formulated outlines. It helps keep students on track, vigilant, and ever-motivated.
We even provide a structured plan for a single Surah or a Juz you want to memorize. Same goes for our Tajweed levels and rules that you intend to learn and practice.


Learn Quran at Home with a Personalized Plan

We have the option of customizing any curriculum, number of classes, and span of lectures as per our students’ preferences and availability. Our professionals will evaluate your familiarity with the curriculum in the free trial classes and create a personalized plan to start with.

Your improvement will be tracked throughout the classes and a thorough report will also be offered weekly. Be it any of the Quran or Arabic courses, our chosen syllabus will be broken down into the number of classes to accomplish the learning goals efficiently. You can even get a plan of a single Surah or a juz for hifz.

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