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Who doesn’t want the angels to glide down to listen to the beautiful Quran Recitation? We know that there are innumerable rewards for Reciting verses with Tarteel and adorning them with beautiful intonation. 

Al-Huda Quran has brought to you yet another amazing opportunity to get enrolled in the best online Quran Recitation Course with hand-picked tutors who taught hundreds of students to recite with Tajweed perfectly.

You will learn to recite Quran with Tajweed by following all the Tajweed rules that will also be taught if in case you are a newbie. As we staunchly believe that Qira’a and Tajweed go hand in hand.

Who Can Join Our Online Quran Recitation Course?

To get enrolled, the students must have completed our Quran for beginners course which is based on the foundation of the Tajweed rules. 

The following users can join the classes,

  • Those who have the basic know-how of the Tajweed through our beginner’s lessons.
  • Anyone who is keen to learn the basics by applying all tajweed rules.
  • Those who want to learn to recite with advanced Tajweed rules and get an Ijazah.
  • For someone who just wants to refresh their recitation but has lots of errors in tajweed, we will help them practice and revise and then begin the classes.

Why Choose Us to Improve your Quran Reading?

There are certain salient features that make us exceptional in these sessions.

24/7 Availability for Quran Classes. 

Whether you are running a business or doing a job and do not have time in between your working hours, we offer the facility of 24/7 availability of our teachers to make you learn to read Quran with Tajweed at your convenient time.

Quran Recitation Certificate.

 At the end of this course, you will be awarded a certificate that is signed and stamped by the supervisor and the teacher.

Report Card After Every 2 Weeks. 

To make the course exceptional and flawless, we generate a report card after every 2 weeks in which we give a detailed summary of the student’s standing. The points we discuss in the report card are:

  • The errors in the Tajweed and Makharij.
  • The points in the verses where more practice is required.
  • The intonation and sound practice if required.
  • Breathing practice for the continuation of reading if required.
  • Plan for the next 2 weeks

500+ Tajweed quizzes.

You will be given a username for your own account to take the quiz tests that are 500+ and will help you a lot to improve your Tajweed.

Practice Tests of Qi’rah in Infront of the Expert Qaris.

To make your lessons extraordinary and to help you recite and learn Quran fluentlywe arrange test sessions with the Qaris who examine and give you tips about how to make your recitation amazingly perfect.

Outcomes Of Our Quran Recitation Classes

The following few practical outcomes are mind-mapped before the course is formally started.

1- To make the students understand the Tajweed rules easily.

2- To make students capable of applying all the Tajweed rules with accurate Makharij of Arabic letters.

3- To be able to confidently recite Quran with the rules of Tajweed.

4- To be able to excel in recitation and get an Ijazah.

5- To be able to recite the Quran beautifully with intonation and be as mesmerizing as the voices of the Qaris the student likes.

6- To make students habitual of practicing lessons with Tajweed and beautiful intonation daily.

Our Levels Of Learning Quran Reading With Tajweed

Recitation is definitely a very different and tough skill to excel in. Where it requires a lot of practice and revisions, it certainly needs a breakdown of the whole part into smaller milestones to be achieved with accuracy.

We at Al-Huda Quran have devised 3 main levels for our Quran reading course which are

Level 1: Learning to Recite Quran properly and effortlessly

This level will begin once you are done with the basics.; Learning how to read Quran i-e the Noorani Qaida. Here you will learn fluent reading without pausing much.

Level 2: Learn to recite Quran with Tajweed (Basic Tajweed Rules)

Here you will learn all the basic Tajweed rules to be able to recite Quran with Tajweed. This level will make you get on track.. These fundamentals will help you perfect your errors in pronunciation.

Level 3: Reciting the Quran with Tajweed (Advanced Tajweed Rules)

You will be able to read Quran perfectly and professionally after learning all the advanced Tajweed rules that are mandatory for recitation.

Best Tutors to teach you how to recite Quran beautifully

Al-Huda Quran has hand-picked tutors who excel in this field and are working with a 5-star rating with us. The following are the notable qualities of the tutors conducting the Qir’ah course.

1- They are native Arabs and naturally have an exceptional accent to teach Arabic.

2- They are fluent in English to cater to students from different parts of the world.

3- They speak very clearly and confidently to make the lessons easily understandable.

4- They are Ijazah certified and are beyond excellence in their qira’h

5- They have 5+ years of experience in teaching the Quran, and already know how to make lessons engaging and easy.

Learn these rules to recite Quran with Tajweed Correctly

The following rules will be taught in this course that will help you perfect your recitation.

Beginner-level Rules:

Isti’aatha and Basmala

Rules of Meem Sakin


Rules of Noon Sakin and Tanween

Rules of Laam Sakin


The Relationship between the letters


Light and heavy letters 

Levels of heaviness

Advanced-level Rules:

Rules of Hamza

The Meeting of Two Sukoons

The Meeting of Two Letters (Part 1)- Introduction

The Meeting of Two Letters (Part 2)- Alike, Similar, Approximates, Far

The Meeting of Two Letters (Part 3)- Small, Big, Absolute

The Meeting of Two Letters (Part 4)- Rules Of Reading

Al-Waqf Wal-Ibtidaa (the stop and the start.

Other Advantages Of This Amazing Course

Al-Huda Quran is honored to provide such an amazing course that will help you learn the Tajweed rules as naturally as the Arabs. The standard of your qira’h depends on how well your Tajweed is. So, enroll now and enjoy more advantages of enrolling with us.

  • Affordable fee package

We have kept the rates for these classes as minimum as we could, to reach out to as many users as we could.

  • The facility of male/female Tajweed tutor

This is something most demanded by our sisters, so here you go with the facility of both male and female Tutors to cater to your needs.

  • Discounts for families to learn to recite Quran online together

If you want your family members to get enrolled along with you, then you can avail of our family discount coupon.

A Structured Plan to Read With Tajweed Properly

Al-Huda Quran offers a structured plan for you to learn according to your wish. If you want to learn the recitation of any specific Surah or even juz, your teacher will make a plan for you by dividing the lessons into the number of classes you will take per week.

Note that the duration of each class will also be considered while making the plan for you.

For the levels also, you can get a tailored plan depending on your current level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How long does it take to learn to recite Quran with Tajweed?

It takes almost 4 months to learn to read the Quran by implementing all the basic Tajweed rules.

2- Do you mainly focus on the Tajweed rule in your lessons?

Yes, once we are sure you can read verses accurately, then we explain the rules regularly.

3- How many Arab Tajweed Teachers do you have?

We have 60-70 Tajweed experienced tutors

4- How long does it take to master all Tajweed rules?

It takes 4 to 7 months depending upon how intensive your Tajweed classes are.

5- How can I enroll in your recitation course?

1- book a free trial

2- download the Zoom app (if you don’t have one)

3- we will send the Zoom link

4- register, if you are satisfied.

6- Does Tajweed, lesson, and revision come in one hour class?

Yes, we include everything in the selected class duration.

All these features are designed skillfully to facilitate our students who are eager to learn the Quran recitation with Tajweed. So, why not give it a try by simply registering for a free trial?

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